Determining what license you need and if you meet the licensing requirements are the first steps in obtaining your Arizona Contractors license. At American Contractor Licensing Services, Inc. we strive to give you accurate, up-to-date information. Listed below are the commercial and residential license classifications through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Looking for a Dual license? A dual license is simply the combination of a commercial and residential license of the same trafe under one license number. Can't seem to find the license that fits your scope of work? This can be confusing. Call us at (602) 242-2222 and we will help you find the right license(s) needed for your business.

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Commercial Licenses

Commercial construction activities on commercially used properties require work to be performed by a Commercial Licensee. Specialty contractor licenses begin with a capital "L". Licensed commercial subcontractors must be used on commercial projects. Commercial licensees CANNOT work on residential projects if only qualifying for a commercial license. Passing test scores for the commercial license can generally be used as passing scores to qualify for the residential license.

Residential Licenses

Arizona licenses contractors according to the property served. The residential license is required to work on residential property. Real Estate law in Arizona requires sellers of residential property to fill out a Seller's Property Disclosure Statement. This disclosure includes details of ANY work done on the property, the LICENSES of those performing the work, if permits for the work were required, were the permits obtained and was the work completed. Many illegal work activities have been uncovered after the fact of the sale of the property. In addition, insurance companies are reviewing claims for loss on properties modified by owners and/or non-licensees. Construction repairs may require certification and non-licensees cannot get certified.

Dual Licenses

The State of Arizona allows the contractor to combine the Residential License with the Commercial License and call the license a Combined or Dual License. This choice eliminate the company having to decide which license is required for what project. The combining of a license has the potential to expose both licenses to the same risks at the same time. Many contractors, especially Generals, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Roffing and Swimming Pools/Spas choose to keep the license separate and distincr (Residential and Commercial Licenses separately).