We make studying for your test easy, fast and at the best price in town. American Contractor Licensing Services, Inc. has been licensing contractors in Arizona for over 20 years and our success speaks for itself. Our background is not only in construction but also business success strategies and secondary education. What that means for our clients is that you are getting the most up-to-date information in a format that is easy to understand and provides high passing rates.

Our courses are all inclusive. The testing company allows several code and reference books to be taken in to use on your test. If you were to purchase all of the books the state recommends, you would spend several hundred dollars, even thousands of dollars. At American Contractor Licensing Services, Inc. we provide all of these books for you to use in our office and to check out for use on the state test! No other company will do this for you. They will recommend you purchase the books which they just happen to sell in their office.

We have several options to meet your needs. We are the first company to offer complete online services. Online studies means you no longer have to miss work or dinner or try to find time to reach your goals of becoming licensed. We also have our traditional study courses providing you a quiet environment to focus in. If you can't decide which one is best for you, we have a combination package. See the details below.


In-House Test Prep Course

-Unlimited computer based training. Study as much or as little as you want. Come and go during any of our office hours for as long as it takes for you to pass the test.

-FREE Business Law orientation covering all the "need to knows", testing tips, math tutoring, navigating the books, Q&A. Your certified trainer will also go over the sections of your test, discuss the Arizona Registrar of Contractors regulations and so much more.


-FREE take home study materials

-We have proven results. Pass the test quick and easy!

ONLINE Test Prep Course

SAVE OVER $2,000 1st in AZ to offer ONLINE

-Save GAS

-Save TIME


-Never miss dinner of work or dinner again

-Study ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. You can access the courses on any device that can get the internet.

* Local book rentals for test date available. The online study course gives you UNLIMITED ONLINE access for 30 days to study. Most clients only need about 8-12 hours of studying. Other online courses recommend a minimum of 3 weeks to study all their material. That is so much extra time that could be used getting licensed, working and making money!

In-House & Online Test Prep Course

Come in to our office and study the way you will test at the state. Too busy to come in? Study online ANYWHERE & ANYTIME (UNLIMITED ONLINE access for 30 days. Most clients take about 8-12 hours of studying)